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Come back soon to see our updated vehicles for sale.

2021 Bloomfield

16,500 miles, built on a Renault chassis which is ULEZ compliment. The vehicle is also DEFRA European certified.

🔐 locking Luton

❄️ Electric ceiling fan

📷 Dual camera system

🚚 Tow bar

💺 Nappa leather cab seats

🚿 Horse shower

🐴 Sliding padded partition

🤵‍♂️ Extended groom area

💡 LED lights throughout

💨 Roof vents

🐴 Lightweight EVA floor and wall coating

🚪Extra wide rear doors

🔋 leisure battery

First MOT due 21st October 2024

£52,000 sold with a build warranty and an additional 6 months motor warranty.

2021 Bloomfield Professional

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