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Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to check Gross Vehicle Weight and the unladen weight of the Vehicle. The Seller accepts no responsibility for the weight of the Vehicle.
It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to Tax and Insure the Vehicle upon collection/delivery.
It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure the correct mileage of the Vehicle. The Seller accepts no responsibility for the mileage of the Vehicle.


The seller (horsebox xchange) is an agent selling on behalf of private individuals. therefore, does not accept returns or refunds of any sort.


The Vehicle is sold with a three month in house mechanical breakdown Warranty with a maximum claim limit of £1,000 (“the Warranty”) and a maximum mileage limit of 6,000 miles (if the Vehicle exceeds 6,000 miles within the 3 month Warranty time period, the Warranty will expire upon the Vehicle having covered 6,000 miles).The Warranty commences upon sale, not collection. The Warranty is in respect of mechanical breakdown only. In the event of a Warranty claim the Purchaser is responsible to deliver the Vehicle to and collect the Vehicle from the Premises of Horsebox xchange at the Purchaser’s cost.

The seller declares

1. The Vehicle was not purchased by the Seller new.
2. The Vehicle has/has not been involved in any accident resulting in a total loss claim.
3. A current MOT test certificate can be obtained

4. A current registration book has/has not been handed over by the Seller.
5. The Vehicle is free from any lien or any other encumbrance whether financial or otherwise.

6. the vehicle has undergone an independent PMI inspection. Any defects have been rectified, this may not include ‘advisories’


 Only warranty claims with prior written authorization from Horsebox xchange will be recognized, all other claims will be denied. 

2. Horsebox xchange is not liable for any damage due to abuse, neglect, misuse or unreasonable overuse, negligence, misapplication, error of operation, accidental or purposeful damage or damage due to an “act of God” such as, wind or rain damage, flood, lightning or other natural occurrence of the like. 

4. In order for faults to be investigated and repaired the vehicle must be returned to horsebox xchange or authorised garage. Travel expenses, hotel, telephone, fuel or any other expenses that are required to transport the vehicle back to the workshop are not covered under warranty.

5. Any faults found must be reported to horsebox xchange with 5 working days. The vehicle must be returned for repairs with 30 working days, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.

6. Repairs maybe undertaken by a third part only with explicit prior agreement of horsebox xchange in writing.

9. Warranty labour from a third party will be reimbursed only for claims that have prior written authorization from a Horsebox xchange representative. Time associated with learning about the repair or excessive diagnostic and installation time will not be reimbursed. Only standard rates will be authorised. No overtime rates claims will be paid.

12: horsebox xchange reserve the right to claim back any expenses involved in warranty work such as but not limited to, collection costs, fuel, travel time.

13. Any repairs or alterations to the vehicle carried out by a third party without prior written authorization from a representative of horsebox xchange will immediately invalidate this warranty policy without exception. 

14. Claims will be denied if the date submitted is greater than 30 days from the repair date. 

 15. you are invited to carry our your own inspection. We are happy for any independent inspections prior to the sale. Once the sale is complete claims will be limited. In the event you do not carry out an inspection, or buy unseen any claim will be subject to our PMI report only. No third party report will be accepted after the sale.

16. it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the lorry and understand what all pedals, levers, buttons, gauges and controls are for and their operation. We accept no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle through lack of knowledge. Any damaged caused due to this will invalidate the warranty without exception.

Items subject to wear and tear are not covered under the warranty these include

  • living appliances, failure/damage/loss of the Vehicle’s keys failure/defects of the clutch, exhaust, tyres and/or gearboxes, windscreen wipers, windscreens, light bulbs, trims, airbags, fuses and internal or external damage to the Vehicle. failure/defects of any batteries and leisure batteries, failure/defects of any generators and air conditioning units, speed limiters or tachographs.

Any vehicle being sold on a brokage is non-returnable and no refund will be given once the sale is complete.


All vehicles must be collected within 5 working days from the sale. We reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £75 per day thereafter. This fee must be paid in full before the release of the vehicle.



All communication must be in writing via email and sent to .

By agreeing a sale, you accept all the above terms. sale agreement start from deposit payment.

As of 1st June 2023.

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